Hi, I'm Dan  el Delaney

There's No Place like Home

I'm proud to say Michigan has been my one and only home. I grew up in Marshall, which is on the south-central part of the state, raising chickens and pheasants for 4-H. I've collected agates on the sandy shores of the Great Lakes and even walked across the mighty Mackinaw Bridge. Michigan is where my heart is, and Sprout It is allowing me to make it even better.

Over 10 Years of Horticultural and Agricultural Experience

I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in horticulture. Since then, I have worked in landscape design, plant nursery management, entomology (honey bees), and mycology (fungi). Environmental Sustainability, as well as my love for being hands-on, is what lead me to create Sprout It.


Sprout It wants to work with consumers interested in quality products. We want to focus our attention on Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo consumers. Being centrally located, our goal is to grow gourmet mushrooms for local consumers and also restaurant professionals. We want to produce the best honey and honey bees possible by selecting for winter hardy stock, mite resistance with no chemical intervention, and bees that are calm. Our plants will consist of starter landscape and wildlife friendly plants.