• Hydrangea quercifolia Snow Queen: Botanical Name
  •  Snow Queen Oakleaf Hydrangea: Common Name

 Snow Queen Hydrangea is a beautiful North American native shrub. It has large white 8 “panicles in June-July, followed by burgundy fall color, and beautiful cinnamon flaky bark that is noticed during the winter. This multi-stemmed shrub grows 4-6’ x 4-8'. Snow Queen has upright panicles (flowers) that don't flop over like most Oakleaf Hydrangeas. There is no Oakleaf more beautiful than Snow Queen with its four seasons of beauty. 

Hydrangea quercifolia Snow Queen

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  • This is a small starter plant. It was grown in a 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch x 4 inch deep pot.

    It will be shipped without a pot, and about half of the soil knocked off to reduce the shipping weight.

    The actual Plant will be between 8-12" tall, the roots will be 3-4" long, for a total length of 11-16"

    All of my landscape shrubs are true cultivars grown from cuttings, they are true to form. For trademarked or patented plants, I only buy from people who are authorized to propagate these plants, and tags will be provided accordingly for those plants.





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