• Spirea japonica Gold Mound or Goldmound: Botanical name
  • Gold Mound Spirea: Common name

Gold Mound Spirea has nice yellow leaves in the summer time where most other yellow leaf Spireas revert back to green. In the spring, the yellow leaves are more bright yellow, and the fall it’s yellow with red tinge. Gold Mound is a rounded shrub that’s about 2.5’ x 3’. Gold Mound has pink flowers that are flat topped. Butterflies, Honeybees, and small native bees all love them. Gold Mound Blooms in June for 3 weeks.  You can plant this Spirea in rock gardens, shrub borders, and mixed herbaceous gardens. The yellow leaves and pink flowers look great with purple and blue flowers and foliage.

Spirea japonica Gold Mound

  • This is a small starter plant. It was grown in a 2 inch pot.

    It will be shipped without a pot, and about half of the soil knocked off to reduce the shipping weight.

    The actual Plant will be between 6-9" tall, the roots will be 2" long, for a total length of 8-11"





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