• Botanical name:Syringa patula Miss Kim
  • Common name: Miss Kim Manchurian Lilac

Miss Kim is a lilac unlike any other. It differs from the common lilac, syringe vulgaris which has powdery mildew ridden leaves, while Miss Kim is powdery mildew free. Miss Kim has a dark purple fall color with its leaves while the common lilac has yellowish green. Miss Kim also intoxicating 4-6” flowers later in the season than other lilacs starting in mid-May, about 2 weeks after the common lilac. Its flowers start lavender-blue and transition to light pink.  It grows 4-7’ tall and wide.

Syringa Patula 'Miss Kim'

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  • This is a small starter plant. It was grown in a 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch x 4 inch deep pot.

    It will be shipped without a pot, and about half of the soil knocked off to reduce the shipping weight.

    The actual Plant will be between 8-12" tall, the roots will be 3-4" long, for a total length of 11-16"

    All of my landscape shrubs are true cultivars grown from cuttings, they are true to form. For trademarked or patented plants, I only buy from people who are authorized to propagate these plants, and tags will be provided accordingly for those plants.





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